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[Upbeat music begins…]

[An image appears showing your character in a mall setting.]


Hey you, are you ready for your STEMventure?  Careers in math and science can take you to some unexpected places, like under water.


Hold your breath.


[The image shows an underwater scene with your character in scuba gear.  A broken down submarine appears.]

[Sound plays:  glug, glug, glug.]


Who do you call when your submarine breaks down?  A mechanical engineering technician of course!  


[The image adds a mechanical engineering technician.]

[Sound plays:  ding!]


Mechanical engineering technicians:


They work with engineers to build and fix all kinds of machines:  from artificial hearts, to air conditioners, to submarines.


[The image shows the mechanical engineering technician fixing the submarine.]

[Sounds play:  sonar pings, gears grinding, clunk, swish, vroom.]

[The image shows the fixed submarine moving away.]

And they’re off.


[The image shows a smoke-filled park with your character and many sick people standing around.]
[Sounds play:  cough cough, sneeze sneeze.]


Uh oh, this doesn’t look good.  When so many people get sick, epidemiologists want to know why.


[The image adds an epidemiologist.]

[Sound plays:  ding!]




They’re disease detectives; they use science, math and statistics to figure out why a group people get sick and how to make people healthier.


[Sound plays:  typing sounds – click click click click click click.]


And while the epidemiologist figures out what’s going on, physician assistants can take care of the patients.


[The image adds a physician assistant.]

[Sound plays:  ding!]


Physician assistants:


They do pretty much everything doctors do and work everywhere, especially where a regular doctor might not be available.


[The image shows the physician assistant giving medication to the sick people.]
[Sound plays:  pop.]


Ah ha!


[The image shows the epidemiologist pointing out a polluting smoke stack in the distance.  The mechanical engineering technician appears and turns off the smoke stack, clearing the air.]

[Sound plays:  clunk.]


Everyone better?  Excellent.


[The image shows your character at an automotive repair facility.  A wrecked car appears.]

[Sound plays:  poof.]


That car is in rough shape.  But to an automotive master mechanic that’s nothing.


[The image adds an automotive master mechanic.]

[Sound plays:  ding!]


Automotive master mechanics:


They know how every part of a vehicle works and can install any kind of complicated part you can think of.


[The image shows the automotive master mechanic fixing the car.]

[Sounds play:  clicking, drilling, snap, woosh.]

[The image shows the fixed car in perfect shape.]

See?  Nice job.


[The image shows your character driven in the car back to the mall setting.]


Build and fix machines.


[The image adds the mechanical engineering technician.]


Help sick people.


[The image adds the physician assistant.]


Fix all kinds of vehicles.


[The image adds the automotive master mechanic.]


Solve disease mysteries.


[The image adds the epidemiologist.]


You can do any of this, and you can make a lot of money too.


 [The image shows money raining down from above.]
[Sound plays:  sound of money clinking.]


Talk to your teachers about science and math camps, technology and engineering clubs, and science, technology, engineering and math classes to get started now.  Go to CareerZone to learn more.

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